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Volunteer and Have a Fridley Theatre on SERVONS!

Fridley Theatres and SERVONS have teamed up to provide a Double the Good Deal to reward volunteers everywhere in Iowa.


Here’s how it works: as a Servons Member, you earn $10 worth of servons (each servon = $5) by volunteering at your favorite Nonprofit. You redeem your valuable servons at in exchange for goods and services including our new  Fridley Theatre Double the Good Dealtwo large (44 oz) soft drinks and two small (85 oz) popcorns, a $21 value, for one servon and $16 in cash!


Two small popcorns and two large drinks


As a proud Iowa company, Fridley Theatres thanks you for dedicating your time and talent volunteering for the outstanding charities and nonprofit organizations across our great state.


For purchase and redemption of this Fridley Theatre Double the Good Deal and other questions, please visit

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